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We care for the enviroment


The Hotel business department of Q-bic Hotels co.,Ltd promise to strive for an earth friendly hotel business. Our action policies (stated below) will reflect around such ideology.



Toothbrush, hairbrush, shaver saving plan

Our hotels’ annual collected waste on toothbrushes, hairbrushes, and shavers amount up to and over 100,000 units. Such wastage weighs over a ton and converts to about 2.6tons of CO2 emission. We encourage our patrons to bring and use their own personal amenities if possible, as well as re-using the items if they stay with us for longer periods of time.

Bed sheets saving plan

We have provided special eco-cards in every guest room to be hanged on the door knobs. These green cards will notify the house keeping staff to skip changing bed sheets (pillowcases, towels, pajamas will still be replaced) upon cleaning. We highly encourage guest that stays over 2 nights and above to use such card and sometime provide incentives if they do. However, due to overall hygiene concerns, the bedsheets will be mandatorily replaced even if guest declines it for over 4 nights.

Towels, Pajamas, and Slippers saving plan

Such items will be replaced daily under normal circumstances. However, if guests wish to avoid such service, please inform the front desk whenever possible. We appreciate your concerns and actions for the environment.

Room Trash Separation

All rooms are provided with two types of trash baskets; recycle (cans, glass, and PET bottles) and non-recycle baskets. We will then separate the recycle categories (Cans, Glass, PET) on behalf of our guests before the services trucks arrive.