Hotel Belleview Nagasaki-Dejima

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Connected to all local and national transportation systems

From JR train station

With your back against the train station, turn to your right and walk along the main road for about 10min. After you reached the Ohato tram stop (7 streets crossings), Hotel Belleview Nagasaki Dejima will be on your left.


From Nagasaki Airport

Take the airport shuttle bus (via Nagasaki Shinchi/Nagasakieki-mae, Bus Stop No.5) at the airport. After about a 50min. ride, get off at Ohato stop. From the bus stop go south, cross 1 main intersection and the hotel will be on your left.


From Ohato Bus Stop (via Highway Bus Kyushu-go)

From the bus stop go south, cross 1 main intersection and the hotel will be on your left.


From Nagasaki Port - Ohato Terminal

Walk east from the terminal towards the Ohato tram stop. Hotel Belleview Nagasaki-Dejima is just across the street. (note that there are two OHATO tram stops about 15m apart).


Via auto-mobile from Dejima highway exit

Take the Dejima exit from the highway and keep along the boulvard towards Ohato. Please refer to map below for all the available parking facilities.



Details on available parking facilities


Hotel Belleview Parking Overnight rate: 1,100 yen(tax incl.)
15:00~10:00 (next day)
Size limit: max height 1.55m
hours of operation: 24hrs

※Please notify us during booking if parking is required as spaces are limited.

※Please pay for parking at front desk during check in.

ホテルベルビュー長崎出島 EV駐車場

Electric Vehicle Station Overnight rate: 1,100 yen(tax incl.)
15:00~10:00 (next day)
Size limit: none
Capacity: 1 vehicle
hours of operation: 24hrs

※200V normal or fast charging. Free charger socket rental for Hotel guests.
※Must reserve spot beforehand


Hashimoto Ohato Parking Overnight rate: 1,000 yen(tax incl.)
17:00~10:00 (next day)
Size limit: max height 2.1m
hours of operation: 24hrs

※Please pick up overnight (service) parking ticket at front-desk upon check-in. (Limited to ONE ticket/guest/night. using it will discount the rate on machine to 1000yen.)

※Please settle your rate for every time you retrieve your vehicle.

※You may first drop off your luggages at the front desk before you go for parking.

Parking Guide(PDF)

※Details of all available parking facilities
※Printed copy may be colloected at front desk


Recommended eateries surrounding Dejima


5min walkMAP NagasakiKou Seafood Market Walk east towards the harbor, then turn left towards Dejima Wharf. A nice row of restaurants are setup there facing towards the ocean. NagasakiKou is a great place for an assortment of sashimi rice bowl dishes.


5min walkMAP DragonWorld Bayside Restaurant Walk east towards the harbor, then turn south towards Dejima Wharf when you reach the YumeCaito shopping mall. If you want seafood and steak all at once, this is the place to go.


5min walkMAP Red Lantern Dejima Wharf Walk east towards the harbour, then turn south towards Dejima Wharf when you reach the Yumecaito shopping mall. Red Lantern Dejima serves chinese dishes with a great view. Try the chanpon noodle if you get a chance.


2min walkMAP Sakana Tatsu Right behind our hotel, is a small but traditional japanese restaurant serving a variety of sushi, noodles, tempura and other traditional japanese dishes.


5min walkMAP SeiYouTei Restaurant Walk east towards the harbor, then turn south towards Dejima Wharf when you reach the Yumecaito shopping mall. At the wharf facing towards the ocean situated within the restaurant row will you find this place. Serving a variety of tonkatsu (deep fried breaded pork) dishes. Be sure to try its katsu sticks.


3min walkMAP BeniTora Gyozaya Located on the 4F of the YumeCaito shopping mall. This is a chain restaurant serving some tasty chinese food along with its noodle dishes. The shop name itself contains the word Gyoza (pan fried dumplings) so be sure to try it!


3min walkMAP Milan Ohato If you are in the mood for something spicy, exit our main entrance and walk to your right. Cross the street and look for it on your right. Milan serves great Indian food with fluffy naan bread and friendly staff.


6min walkMAP Attic Dejima Wharf Walk east towards the harbor, then turn south towards Dejima Wharf when you reach the YumeCaito shopping mall. At the wharf facing towards the ocean situated on the very end will you find Attic restaurant cafe. Serving a variety of western foods such as Pizza, Pasta, Steak, Sausages, chicken etc. Their cappuccino design will be very tempting.


Surrounding services and convenient stores


3min walkMAP Yume Caito Nagasaki Hours of operation: 10:00 - 22:00, Resturant and Food Court, Kinokuni Book Store, Best Denki Electronics, Fashion clothing, ATMs.


2min walkMAP ATM・CD corner On the first floor of the Yume Caito shopping mall. A variety of auto teller machines of various banks available.


2min walkMAP Family Marta convenience store located 2min north of the hotel entrance. (ATM/Alcohol/Tobacco)


1min walkMAP LawsonA convenience store located diagnally across the street of our hotel. (ATM/Alcohol/Tobacco)


2min walkMAP Daily YamazakiA convenience store located across the street of the Yume Caito Mall. (ATM/Alcohol/Tobacco)


Sightseeing spots


10min transit using local tram from the hotel to Nagasaki Port - Ohato Terminal (Gunkanjima cruise line).

“Gunkanjima” a nickname of “Hashima”, a solitary island shaped like a battleship floating in the sea about 19 KM or 12 miles southwest from the Port of Nagasaki.
Gunkanjima is also an island with seabed coalmine, which had supported the modernization of Japan by supplying usable coal for iron-making. This coal was mainly for the Yawata Steel Works, which have been managed by the Mitsubishi Mining Company since 1890. Energy-reform-stricken rationalization had been promoted in the coal mine since the first half of 1960’s. The coal mine shut down on January 15, 1974 and Gunkanjima became an inhabitant island on April 20 in the same year.

Yamasa Shipping Co.,Ltd
The Gunkanjima Concierge Company


2min walkMAP Dejima Completed in 1636, the artificial island of Dejima played a vital role in the modernization of Japan. Today it is an invaluable historic site offering fascinating glimpses into medieval Nagasaki, Japan and the world in the Age of Exploration.


10min carMAP Nagasaki Museum of History and Culture The museum holds 48,000 items in its collection, including historical documents, arts and crafts that tells the story of Nagasaki as the sole window opened to foreign countries during the period of national isolation.


5min tram rideMAP Nagasaki Chinatown A shopping strip covered with resturants and item shops surrounding the theme of mainland China. Highly recommended to visit during the laturn festival.


5min walkMAP Nagasaki Prefectural Art Museum Built around the concept of being a “Breathing Museum.” it can take in information and stimuli from outside and produce new kinds of stimuli while growing and developing through interactions with the surrounding community and environment.


15min tram rideMAP OURA Church Oura Church is a Roman Catholic church in Nagasaki. Built soon after the end of the Japanese government's Seclusion Policy in 1853. It is also known as the Church of the 26 Japanese Martyrs. It was for many years the only Western-style building declared a national treasure, and is said to be the oldest church in Japan.


25min tram rideMAP Glover Garden Glover Garden is an open air museum, exhibiting mansions of former Western residents of Nagasaki. It is located on the hill where Western merchants settled down after the end of Japan's era of seclusion in the second half of the 19th century.


10min bus rideMAP Nagaski Ropeway A great way (with the best view) to get to the top of famous Mt.Inasa and enjoy the world famous scenery of Nagasaki.


15min by carMAP Mt. Inasa Inasayama, one of the top three scenic location of Japan holding a title of "Ten million dollar night view". Highly recommended for "sight-seers". The mountaintop observatory offers an amazing scenic view that is virtually a 360 degree aerial take on the city and its beautiful surrounding that changes from season to season.


17min tram rideMAP Peace Park / Atomic Bomb Museum Both locations commemorates the atomic bombing of Nagasaki on August 9, 1945, which destroyed a wide parts of the city and killed ten thousands of inhabitants.


20min by carMAP Penguin Aquarium Houses the largest types of penguin collection in Japan. The feeding and penguin parade show are not to be missed when visiting.